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Welcome to McKinnon Forbes

McKinnon Forbes are solicitors and estate agents specialising in property, family law, child law and wills and executries in East Lothian.

Featured Property


Our guide to the buying process

When you've found a property, the first stage in the buying process is for us to 'note interest' on your behalf. This means you will be given the opportunity to make an offer on the property, although this cannot always be guaranteed.

Following completion, the purchaser's title document, known as a 'disposition', will, if appropriate, be remitted to the Inland Revenue for payment of Land and Buildings Transaction Tax. After that, it will be dispatched to the Land Register along with the loan document, known as a 'standard security', for land registration purposes. On completion of that process, the purchaser's titles will be forwarded to the lender for safekeeping.

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Our guide to the selling process

The most important part of any sale is the valuation. Drawing on all of our experience and resources, we'll provide an accurate valuation of the property and advise on an appropriate asking price.

Throughout the selling process, our sales and legal teams work hand-in-hand to ensure that any potential legal difficulties, such as unauthorised alterations or boundary disputes, are dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity.

Call 01875 611211 now to put the selling of your property in good hands.