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Wills and Executries

Should you make a will?

If you don’t, when you die, as well as facing the additional cost and complication of the court having to appoint an executor, your loved ones may not benefit from your estate as you had expected. Imagine the heartache and potential squabbling that could cause at an already distressing time. Put your mind at ease. Call now and we’ll help you draw up a clear and comprehensive will.

You have been appointed Executor.
How can we help?

If you have been appointed Executor in someone’s will or have lost a close relative or friend and need assistance in dealing with their affairs, we can help. We’ll advise on the role of Executor, obtain valuations of all the assets in the estate, apply for the grant of confirmation and administer the estate according to the will or according to the law of intestate succession if there is no will. Above all, we’ll ensure the estate is administered with sympathy and efficiency.